The MIREL (MIning and REasoning with Legal texts) project aimed at creating an international and inter-sectorial network to define legal frameworks and to develop tools for MIning and REasoning with Legal texts, with the aim of translating them into formal representations that can be used for querying norms, compliance checking, and decision support. MIREL financed staff exchange between SMEs to academies in order to create an inter-continental inter-disciplinary consortium in Law and Artificial Intelligence areas including Natural Language Processing, Computational Ontologies, and Logic&Reasoning. MIREL involves 16 international partners, at least one for each continent.

I coordinated the writing of the project MIREL, by collecting the contributions of each partner in MIREL, revising them, and integrating them in a uniform and coherent project proposal (see declaration at this link). In addition, I managed the activity of the project, by monitoring the secondment plans and following the research activities carried out therein. In the context of MIREL, I was an official Visiting Scholar at Stanford University, one of the partners of the project. Moreover, I implemented novel NLP procedures within the Eunomos legal information retrieval system, such as procedures based on SDFTagger to mine entities and concepts from legal documents and index them with respect to the European Legal Taxonomy Syllabus, and textual entailment procedures to infer cybersecurity controls.

Further details and the list of publications and events organized in the context of the project are available on the MIREL's website.