EUCases (Linking Legal Open Data in Europe) was a collaborative Research Project supported by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) funding. EUCases has started in October 2013 and ended in September 2015.

The project developed a unique pan-European law and case law Linking Platform transforming multilingual legal open data into linked open data after semantic and structural analysis. The project involved five partners, among which the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin, Nomotika S.R.L., and APIS Hristovich EOOD, which continued the collaborating in the subsequent projects ProLeMAS and MIREL.

The web based EUCases Linking Platform is at the basis of the Eurocases system, patented and distributed by APIS Hristovich EOOD.

The EUCases project was my first relevant experience in Computational Law. I was responsible of the NLP toolkit of EUCases, for the Italian language. All prototypes and techniques developed in these activities have been integrated in the MenslegiS system, patented and distributed by Nomotika SRL. In particular, I carried out research using dependency parsing for automatically identifying in free text the concepts of the Legal Taxonomy Syllabus, for ontology learning in the legal domain and for identifying roles in prescriptions, which are individual legal obligations derived from legislation.

Publications related to the research activity in EUCases that I have authored are: (Robaldo et al., 2012), (Boella et al. (a), 2013), (Boella et al. (b), 2013), (Boella et al., 2014), (Boella et al., 2015), (Boella et al., 2016) .

Further details about the EUCases project may be found at