Phrase Detective

Phrase Detective is an online game designed to collect judgments about anaphoric annotations. The game is available as a Facebook plug-in, to facilitate finding annotators. During the game, the noun expressions occurring in a text are showed to the player. For each of them, the player must select its last previous co-referring noun expression, i.e. the noun expression that denotes the same entity.

Phrase Detective is part of the Anawiki project, whose aim is creating large-scale linguistically annotated corpora by exploiting the effort of Web volunteers. Supervisors of the project are Massimo Poesio, who pioneered the approach, Udo Kruschwitz and Jon Chamberlain.

I contributed to the project by rendering the game available for the Italian language (the initial version was available for English only). I defined a procedure to identify noun expressions in text via the TULE Parser, a dependency parser developed at the University of Turin, and to store them into the input XML format of the Phrase Detective game. The Phrase Detective game is described in (Poesio et al, 2012).

Massimo Poesio was later awarded with an ERC Advanced grant, on the project ''DALI - Disagreements and Language Interpretation'', which proposes more advanced games-with-a-purpose, drawn from Phrase Detective, to collect massive amounts of data about anaphora from people playing a game.
Congrats Massimo!