ICT4LAW was a large interdisciplinary research project involving twelve partners, six academic partners and six industrial ones. The project was funded by Regione Piemonte and aimed at creating novel services for citizens, enterprises, public administration and policy makers. Further info are available here.

My role in the project was minimal, but it was useful to learn general expertise in legal informatics. I developed rule-bases systems for recognizing modificatory provisions and I carried out dependency parsing to feed statistical classifiers.

The ICT4LAW project led to the design and the implementation of Eunomos, an advanced legal document management system based on legislative XML representation of laws. Furthermore, it led to the creation of the spin-off Nomotika S.R.L., founded by the Department of Computer Science of the University of Turin and the company Augeos S.P.A., both partners in the project.

Eunomos was later extended in the commercial system MenslegiS, distributed by Nomotika. The Eunomos system is fully described in (Boella et al, 2016).