The project DAPRECO was an FNR-CORE project carried out by four researchers at SnT: Gabriele Lenzini (PI), Andra Giurgiu (WP1 leader), Cesare Bartolini (WP2 leader), and myself (WP3 leader). Prof. Monica Palmirani, from the University of Bologna (CIRSFID) was an external collaborator of DAPRECO. The official website of DAPRECO may be found here.

DAPRECO focused on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is expected to have a significant impact on the European Digital Single Market because it changes how enterprises have to protect individual's personal data records.

The main result of the project was the DAPRECO knowledge base, a machine-readable representation of the norms in the GDPR. Norms have been represented in reified Input/Output logic (Robaldo and Sun, 2017) and encoded in the LegalRuleML legal standard. The DAPRECO knowledge base is extensively described in (Robaldo et al., 2020a).

Publications in DAPRECO I have authored are: (Robaldo et al., 2020a), (Bartolini et al., 2019), (Palmirani et al, 2018c), (Palmirani et al, 2018c), (Palmirani et al, 2018b), (Palmirani et al, 2018a), (Bartolini et al., 2016a), (Bartolini et al., 2016b) .