The project DAPRECO was an FNR-CORE project at the University of Luxembourg. The project was designed as a use case of my past project ProLeMAS. In the abstract of the project DAPRECO, "the ProLeMAS logic" was later renamed as reified Input/Output logic [Robaldo and Sun, 2017].

DAPRECO delivered symbolic/conceptual resources for GDPR compliance that I developed together with prof. Monica Palmirani, from the University of Bologna (CIRSFID), external collaborator in DAPRECO. The following two resources were specifically developed:

  • The DAPRECO knowledge base [Robaldo et al., 2020], a machine-readable representation of the GDPR norms. These have been represented in reified Input/Output logic and serialized in the LegalRuleML OASIS standard.

  • The Privacy Ontology (PrOnto) [Palmirani et al, 2018b], which provides a legal knowledge modelling of the privacy agents, data types, types of processing operations, rights and obligations involved in data protection law.

I am working now on evolving the formalizations from DAPRECO to make them executable in Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) and other reasoning languages. Preliminary results are shown in [Robaldo, 2021] and [Robaldo et al., 2022].