Nomotika SRL is a spin-off of the University of Turin that has been founded together with Augeos SPA, a leader company in the Italian ICT market for the financial domain. The mission of Nomotika SRL is the research and the development of cutting-edge ICT products and services in the legal domain.

In February 2014, I became a partner in Nomotika SRL, upon invitation of the founders, due to their interests in my developed tools and resources. My role in Nomotika SRL is contributing to the technology transfer of the research developed in the Department of Computer Science into the products of the company, first of all MenslegiS.

MenslegiS is an advanced legal document management system based on legislative XML representations of laws which are retrieved automatically from institutional legislative portals. My activity in Nomotika SRL is devoted to the design and implementation of software that exploits dependency parsing for enhancing the size and the precision of the data collected and stored in system.

Further info are available on the Website of Nomotika.